Donovan John Szypura

Donovan John Szypura is a creative director, graphic designer and musician.



As an entrepreneur and coach, he developed the Matchbox and the Backswing program, to give people the power to secure employment. 


Donovan has successfully delivered his innovative programs to diverse groups of all ages, including high school students, youth programs, apprenticeship centres, parenting programs, arts organisations, employment service providers, and vocational training organisations.


Donovan’s personal career journey inspired and enabled him to develop career programs since he had to re-invent himself many times. Donovan grew up in Switzerland where he started an apprenticeship for architectural drafter after completing High School. He was not particularly motivated to enter the workforce because he wanted to become a professional musician. Soon he commenced practical work as an educator for young adults with a disability. It was then, that he discovered his exceptional people skills, but Donovan’s creativity led him down some unusual paths.


After completing an internship as a graphic designer, Donovan started to work in a record company creating artwork. Later on, he could fulfil his dream of becoming a professional musician.


He was fortunate to be able to play with some international innovators and pioneers, Rams, Mathew Ashman (Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow) and Thomas Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost). Donovan signed a record contract with Sanctuary Records, one of the largest independent record labels in the UK, for a band called Apollyon Sun. Soon, he realised he should not compromise himself to the commercial music industry. He started to produce and publish music independently under the name of Earthphish. At the same time, he worked again as a graphic designer, this time for some of the most prominent advertising agencies in Switzerland (Heads, Rod)


Donovan felt the time was ripe to pass on his experience to others and apply his outstanding people skills. He took a further qualification at the Swiss Federation of Adult Learning. There he was awarded an Associate's Degree in Adult Continuing Education and Teaching. Donovan started to work as a course instructor the Swiss education enterprise Onlinelabor, which operates on behalf of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. He coached job seekers, teaching them to successfully apply advertising and marketing principles towards job seeking. This proved to be very successful and created the foundation for the work he is presently engaged in.


Donovan moved to Australia where he now shares his experience and inspires people to ignite their potential with his uniquely developed programs. Donovan still applies his skills as a creative director to projects that show potential and awaken his interest.

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The Golden Apple
Earthphish Dance Production
Apollyon Sun

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for Rod, a Swiss advertising agency