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Merlin Szy and Langston Bristol

'Midnight' – Single


Genre: Hip Hop

Release Date: 22 May 2020

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Tasmanian based producer Merlin Szy releases the single ‘Midnight’ with Detroit rapper Langston Bristol.

Detroit is known for its great and pioneering contribution to the music world, so how come a 17-year old music producer from Tasmania is suddenly dropping beats for Detroit’s emerging Hip Hop scene?


The answer is pretty straight forward. Merlin Szy is hitting the right tunes. His lo-fi chill hip-hop beats are lifting rappers, such as Langston Bristol, to the right state of mind. 


Merlin Szy and Langston Bristol have been previously working together with Detroit rapper JayPitts. ‘Midnight’ is a continuation of this promising Hobart-Detroit connection. 



The Single ‘Midnight’ by Merlin Szy and Langston Bristol can be found on all the major streaming services:


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