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'There's Gold In The Sky' – EP


Genre: Hip Hop

Release Date: 15 November 2019

Including 'Wild Wild Blessings’ and ‘Golden Hour’ - compositions and beats by Merlin Szypura.

The EP can be found on all the major streaming services.

For Radio Broadcasters download WAV file 'Golden Hour' here

Detroit Rapper JayPitts teamed up with emerging Australian 

producer Merlin Szypura.

Detroit has always been influential in music history. The city has given rise to the genres of Motown and techno, and played an important role in the development of jazz, rock, and punk music.


The Detroit Hip Hop scene has set the bar high producing acts like Eminem, Royce Da 5’9 and J Dilla. 


JayPitts belongs to a new generation of Hip Hop artists who arose from the depression of a city that faced bankruptcy. JayPitts’ colorful style and soulful music represent resilience and hope, which he delivers with a positive attitude that is contagious. His new EP ‘There’s Gold In The Sky’ represents optimism in a time when hope is truly needed.   


Merlin Szypura is surprisingly mature for a young musician, producing a jazzy, laid back, downtempo feel, which is fast becoming his trademark. Merlin’s chill production style gives JayPitts all the support and space he needs to deliver his message. The symbiosis between the two artists is manifested on the two tracks ‘Wild Wild Blessings’ and ‘Golden Hour’. Their collaboration symbolizes how Hip Hop music has the power to connect, especially in challenging times, when we long for a future with Gold in the Sky. 

Gold In the Sky


Wild Wild Blessings (feat. Langston Bristol)


Golden Hour (feat. Marigold)