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The Funclub

The Funclub evolved from the underground dance scene in Switzerland in the mid-90s. Donovan John Szypura mixed beats, samples and haunting melodies with live drumming by Andre Ledergerber aka Ledheadz.

The duo performed under different names but finally settled under the name The Funclub. Their 10-minute epos 'The Other Side' is dark and raw, a punkish acid techno track, recorded around 1997 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland by Pat Kasper. 

The Funclub sound was inspired by bands like The Prodigy, Meat Beat Manifesto and Future Sounds of London. The Funclub did not define itself as a band. They refer to it as a society. 

Late 90s Donovan John Szypura joined the Industrial metal band Apollyon Sun. Andre Ledergerber also soon after joined the band as a live drummer. The duo later formed the Trip-Hop band Earthphish with Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan.

The Funclub reawakened in 2022. Donovan John Szypura remastered and released their demo song 'The Other Side' after 25 years.


The follow-up release 'Boo Stress Boo' features the grandmaster of Dub Lee 'Scratch' Perry. 'Boo Stress Boo' evolved from a recording session that took place in Jamaica in 2020, while Lee 'Scratch' Perry recorded vocals for the Earthphish song 'Deadlock'. Donovan John Szypura revisited the recording session and produced 'Boo Stress Boo' to honour Lee 'Scratch' Perry.


Donovan John Szypura teamed up with previous bandmates Erol Unala and Dany Zingg from Apollyon Sun for the Funclub 'Transhuman' track, which provides a darkly dystopian warning for the future.

The latest release is 'I Love You' featuring Swiss Punk legend Rams, with whom Donovan was a bandmate in the band RAMS between 93-94. 'I Love You' is an electronic cover song by Rams' original punk band, The Bucks, from the album Brave and Stupid (1981).   

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